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You may be a restaurant/takeout location owner or even a home catering business that is worrying about shifting your local business to a new height. Well, you’ve already got the solution in your hand. Introducing "KitchonApp", the best solution to accomplish all your needs in a few steps!

This app paves the way to three important requirements that are necessary to enhance your business: by connecting it to the digital world, creating a better opportunity to promote your brand and to meet a large number of customers across Canada.


  1. Online Ordering System

In the modern world, time is one of the key concerns in each and every task of daily schedules. People tend to order their meals online while they’re comfortable at home and get delivered to the doorstep, or they tend to check the menu and make the order in advance just before stepping to their dine-in or takeaways to experience “contactless” and a “hazel-free” enjoyment. 

We enable you to create your own online ordering platform, streaming all the restaurant options that you are offering to the customers in an attractive and user-friendly interface. This will convert the ordinary sale to a new online market place and will definitely increase the business revenue. The commission is lower than any other platform, and also the requirement of delivering your foods can be facilitated by introducing you to a leading delivering network in Canada.  


  1. Kitchen Display System

The kitchen Display system helps to run your restaurant more efficiently as it updates the orders in real-time, allowing you to manage the staff, time, and also the food process in a smarter way.

Moreover, this option facilitates the new norm of contactless buying, as it minimizes employee and customer interaction; reducing the risk of spreading COVID. 


  1. Content Management System

In marketing, all that matters is presenting your product in a charming manner. Leave the burden on our hands. “KitchonApp” Content Management System will support you to create or to develop your restaurant website, by providing a uniquely beautiful and high-resolution picture gallery, attractive menu lists, Event and promotion descriptions, testimonials and many more. 


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