Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike other services, Kitchonapp does a lot of things in one application. It’s an online ordering system, a kitchen display, and a content management system to manage your restaurant’s website.
Typically, it takes up to 7 business days depending on the complexity of your menu and how quickly you reply to our questions.
Yes, at no cost!. Just email your menu at
No! We will add as many items as you want. Accept as many orders as your restaurant can deliver and make your customers' satisfied.
It depends on the pricing plan you choose.
We calculate our fee as 4.99% of monthly total online sales. Hence, it will be $99 per month or $999 per year. As an example, let's say choose 4.99% per order package and you earned $1000 a month. Then, our fee is $49.99.
It is in the Canadian dollar.
KitchonApp supports Stripe payments. First, you have to create a Stripe account and sign up. Then, we will configure a few pieces of information into your KitchonApp, and you are ready to accept orders. You will directly receive all the payments to your Stripe account.
Yes, we highly recommend it. Adding photos will typically increase the number of orders that you receive.
You can see all your orders via KitchonApp on your computer or phone. The kitchen staff will get a dedicated Kitchen Screen view that you can show on a tablet or a large screen with a notification sound. It allows you to print the order tickets as well.
Yes. You can use a full domain (if you plan on using your online ordering site as your prime site) or a sub-domain (if you already have a website and plan to link to your online ordering site).
You can create pretty much any type of coupon, including fixed or percentage-based discounts.
You don’t need it at all. KitchonApp is built with the latest Progressive Web App technology. So, your customers can easily add your ordering system to mobile phones’ home screen and use it just like an app.